What Can a Chiropractic Adjustment Do For You?

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We all have heard about chiropractors and their adjustments. People may have referred to them as back crackers or hip poppers. Chiropractor’s commonly get asked “hey can you crack my neck real quick?” Some people are deathly scared of getting an adjustment because they think an adjustment might break their neck or hurt them. The truth is an adjustment is a very powerful tool that chiropractors use and have been using since the birth of chiropractic in the early 1900’s. Like any profession everyone has their own unique style when it comes to their craft. It is important to realize that some chiropractors may work well for people and others it may not work so well. That doesn’t mean that chiropractors as a whole are bad, it just means that person wasn’t a good fit for you. Today chiropractors have many different styles and techniques. Some specialize in corrective exercise and will devise a treatment plan that revolves around movement and fixing compensations through specific and individualized workouts. Others will work on fixing your gut and diet to help optimize your health through taking and reading blood work and adding in supplementation where you may have deficiencies. Others specialize in pregnancy care, spectrum disorders, athletics, etc. The list goes on! Like any doctor you need to find one that you trust and sometimes it can take a little shopping first to find that doctor that works well for you.

Breaking Down the Chiropractic Adjustment.

What happens during an adjustment?

So, what really goes on when you are getting an adjustment besides just hearing a crazy sound? As a young adult, I was always fascinated in chiropractic care. It had help me recovery from a shoulder injury very fast that would have otherwise taken quite some time to heal from. Since then I was hooked and I wanted to know more. At the time, I had no idea that the chiropractor I was seeing was a chiropractor neurologist and he was able to break it down for me.

Velocity is a Major Component to a Chiropractic Adjustment.

Why is Velocity so Important During a Chiropractic Adjustment ?

A chiropractic adjustment uses a high velocity, low amplitude approach. This means that you stay within the normal range of motion but use a quick burst of speed to move the body. This quick burst of speed allows the chiropractor to create a lot of stimulation in to the nervous. The stimulation that is created is greater that what you could produce by moving it on your own. This is extremely beneficial because you can override certain areas of the brain by creating that feedback from the body. This works really well for eliminating compensation patterns. For instance, if you sprained your left ankle, your brain will protect the ankle until it is healed by using your right foot more. However, sometimes our brain will get so used to using the right foot that the left foot will start to lose stimulation because you don’t use it as often. This continues to occur after the foot has already healed from the injury. A Chiropractic adjustment can help bring back stimulation to those muscles that have become weak, and because of the feedback created from the high velocity you will get a quicker and longer lasting effect then if you were to try to strengthen it manually by doing strength exercises. This makes an adjustment powerful because you can become very specific in what you are trying to accomplish with the feedback. Sometimes people require less stimulation or different types of stimulation to get the desired result. This is the craft of a chiropractor and what makes and adjustment so unique!

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