The Role Of Proper Force Absorption

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Proper Force Absorption

Are You In Pain? This Is Why.

The underlying cause of virtually all pain and injury is found in how your nervous system controls your muscles. When this control system is working properly, your muscles are activated to protect your joints, absorb the forces encountered during movement, and keep you safe. This is the healthy state we see in most young children, who can jump off swings and high ledges and land safely. They do not hurt their backs or tear ligaments.

Unfortunately, through different habits and responses to minor and major traumas, the ability to use muscles in this way diminishes. When the neurological control system malfunctions, your muscles can tighten and shorten, losing the shock absorbing ability they are designed to have. Or they can weaken and become less responsive from reduced challenge. When the muscles don't work as they should, force instead goes into areas such as: tendons, ligaments, cartilage, discs, labrum, meniscus, bone, bursa, fascia, and other muscles. Because these structures are not designed to absorb force they start to stretch, fray, tear, degenerate, and become inflamed and injured. Very often the cause of injury to tissues is force transferring into the area because of the loss of the ability to absorb the force properly by the muscle.

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