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Ever wondered how to create a new paradigm?

It’s the New Year’s; everyone has new years resolutions being made. You are either excited about them, or they are perhaps the same ones you had the previous year. Either way we all strive to become better; at least those are our intentions. Sometimes we don’t accomplish our resolutions or goals, but that is okay because no one is perfect. Who says we have to be anyway? Who says we should be? I know I wouldn’t want to be perfect. I don’t think I would have learned anything growing up or would continue to learn if I hadn’t accepted the fact that I am not perfect and never will be! Becoming more aware of this has allowed me to elevate my state of mind and expand my paradigm.

What is your paradigm?

Your paradigm is how you view the world, through your glasses. Everyone has a set of glasses that they were given; either supplied by their parents, or received by environment, religion, friends, etc. Our past experiences color our reality. Most of us have many pairs of glasses that we switch to from time to time. One problem is that we switch our glasses too often because of how they make us LOOK, instead of how it would make us feel. This can lead us down a path that may not be what’s best for us in the long run. Our paradigm lies in the conscious AND unconscious states of mind. For instance: let’s say for the last year or two you have eaten out for lunch every day. For whatever reason no obvious decline has happened to your health; so you have crafted a belief in your glasses, your paradigm, that fast food doesn’t make one unhealthy. Then, in 5 years, you start experiencing symptoms of type 2 diabetes and you are still wearing the same glasses; so you immediately think that it isn’t the fast food. You have created the perception that it couldn’t be the fast food and now that is embedded in your paradigm on an unconscious level. We tend to hang on to things that are bad for us because we don’t want to admit we are wrong. We don’t want to feel the pain of defeat, or we may be too scared to change because it may be unbearable to detach from what our normal paradigm has become.

How do you expand your paradigm?

Lets get started!

In order to truly expand your paradigm, you have to be willing to change out the glasses and create new ones. In order to create new glasses, you have to be willing to acknowledge that your current belief system is wrong or COULD be wrong. Once you accept that, truly accept it, you can open your mind up to a different set of glasses. A set that you craft yourself. You can educate yourself and form new beliefs based on new information and your old experiences. I hear a lot of people tell me, “it’s going good but it could be better”, when I ask them a question as simple as how their week is going. “Could be better”, is a nicer way of saying that what you are currently doing is maybe not the best for you and you could be WRONG for doing it. But we won’t admit it because, well we don’t want to be wrong, right?

Assume you are WRONG!

If you aren’t happy with your life, I challenge you to assume that your current belief system is wrong; and that it is time to take action for the situation you have put yourself in. If there is one thing in this life that I know to be 100% true, it is that the only thing you have complete control over is yourself. If you don’t like something, you might want to accept the fact that you were wrong, or you made a choice that maybe wasn’t the best for you 10 years ago; and now it’s time to change. Only you can take off your current glasses and create a more fine-tuned pair that suits your life for happiness.

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