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Are You Ready To Move Freely Without Pain?

One of Dr. Mark's main focuses is to make sure that muscles are functioning correctly throughout your entire body. It is the muscles' job to support and stabilize the joints. If the muscles aren’t functioning properly, the body cannot move properly. At New Era Chiropractic, Dr. Mark utilizes Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation to stimulate the body in order to restore proper muscle function. Once proper muscle function is restored, the body can move freely without pain.

A Unique Approach To Speeding Up The Recovery Process

At New Era Chiropractic, we have a unique therapy modality that uses electrical stimulation to help speed up the recovery process. The wave form used in the machine makes tissue more permeable. When tissue becomes more permeable, blood can flow to the area easier which is what heals the injured tissue. The machine also breaks the bonds holding scar tissue together and flushes it away with the increased blood flow. With less scar tissue surrounding an injured area, even more blood flow can reach the affected area, thus accelerating the healing time.

The machine also causes muscle to relax which is very important because all other electrical stimulation devices causes muscle contraction. Normally following an injury, the patient will have tightness, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. This is due to tight, contracted, protecting muscles. The machine can instantly relax these muscles, by relaxing these muscles the patient will feel looser, more relaxed, and have decreased pain and increased blood flow. Relaxing the muscle also helps us in the strengthening process. The more relaxed a muscle is the more strength work a patient can do. As the muscle reaches the fully shortened position the patient will become fully fatigued and must stop the exercise. By using the machine and instantaneously lengthening the muscle again, it allows us to continue the strength work.

Dr. Mark is professional, friendly and calmly listens to me and addresses my concerns. I occasionally suffer from migraines and when I do he’s been able to provide immediate relief. I’ve gone to many chiropractors over the years but Dr. Mark is by far the best. Not to mention, his adorable puppy, Penny, makes me feel right at home. I highly recommend New Era Chiropractic!
Tracy R.

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