Alkaline vs. Acidity, Whats in Your Diet?

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Food seems to be a big topic in social media. We have so many diets to choose from, but do we really know which one works best? We have Keto which is basically low carb or better known as the Atkins diet. We have high carb, medium carb, MEAT ONLY… I could go on. I’m sure something new will come up soon telling is that all of them are wrong and now you should eat this instead. Dieting isn’t necessarily about weight lose either. We are being told that we need to eat this way to become healthy, or because we are trying to get rid of a symptom we may be having. Some symptoms may include; fatigue, high stress, poor sleep, diffuse pain, headaches, etc. The problem I see with “Dieting” is that you usually follow a plan that someone else makes for you. Unless you have a specific health-care provider working with you on your diet, usually that person who made the diet has never met you. Do they know that maybe you have food allergies? Do they know your name? We put a lot of faith in these diets because we believe that the outcome will be desirable. We listen so blindly because we want quick results, and this is where the problem lies. If you aren’t willing to fix the issue that caused you to become sick, then most “diets” will not work for you.

Figure Out What Works for You.

We now know that there isn’t one diet that works for everyone. Low carb could work for you, but it could also cause your symptoms to become worse. We need to figure out what works best for you; and more importantly; what makes you FEEL better. So many times; I’ve seen people blindly follow diets and they continue to get negative results; but they still follow it because they believe that it’s part of the process. In some cases; this may be true due to an underlying infection; but for the most part if it isn’t making you feel better then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Alkalinity vs. Acidity

A little biochemistry lesson first. Our body operates best at a 7.1 on the pH scale. This is ever so slightly alkaline, but to the point where it is safe to say that we need an even balance between acidic and alkaline foods. Most of the American population is heavy on the acidic side. When our body becomes too acidic, we are creating an opportunity for a perfect storm to happen. Most diseases thrive in a state of acidity; and if our body is mostly acidic; we are essentially giving ourselves a better chance to become sick. It’s like we are handing the torch over to the disease and say here yah go, we have been waiting for you! Sadly, foods aren’t the only thing that cause our body to become acidic. High stress and anxiety play a huge roll in this. You know when you become too anxious and you feel butterflies in your stomach, or a kind of sick to your stomach feeling. That is literally one of the body’s response to high stress, and stomach acid is getting released in an abnormal way. Too much unwanted stress can cause stomach ulcers. The excess release of stomach acid eats away at your stomach lining due to stress; and not when you eat; when it is supposed to get released.

Become More Alkaline!

When people come to me about diet changes, I make them write out what they have eaten the past couple days. Every single object they put in their mouth, I make them write it down. Once everything is written down, we look to see how much of the calories were acidic foods, and how much were alkaline foods. Most people don’t realize how much acidic foods they are eating because they simply don’t know which is which. An easy rule of thumb to follow is if it is a green vegetable it is most likely alkaline. If the food is processed, it is most likely acidic. A simple google search can help you dictate which foods are which, or just ask a professional. The bottom line is, you want your day to have an even balance between the two. If you know you are highly stressed, then perhaps you might need to eat more alkaline to balance it out.

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