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About New Era Chiropractic

At New Era Chiropractic, we utilize and use the NeuroTarget System. The NeuroTarget System is a special blend of Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, Kinesiology, and several other therapeutic techniques to observe, interpret, and subsequently affect the brain-body relationship. The technique was developed and is based off the principal that the brain controls and receives feedback from all aspects of our body. It controls our muscles, movement, balance, digestion, hormones, immune reactions, repair, and growth. When there is dysfunction on the brain it will manifest as dysfunction in the body, and the reverse is also true. For more information regarding the NeuroTarget System please go to http://neurotargetsystem.com

The utilization of the NeuroTarget System relies upon keen observation by the doctor or trained practitioner to evaluate neurological signaling from the brain to the body. With this evaluation, it can be determined whether or not the signals are balanced from side to side, top to bottom, or front to back. If there is an imbalance, therapies are designed and applied to stimulate specific areas of the brain to correct the imbalance and furthermore, correct the body’s dysfunction.

About Our Chiropractor


Meet Dr. Mark Wetzel

Dr. Mark Wetzel received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Science University in Minneapolis Minnesota.  Being intrigued in finding the root cause of his patient’s dysfunction, he has attended an additional 300+ hours of additional educational programs focused on Chiropractic Neurology and Applied Kinesiology. These learned skills, in addition to Muscle Testing, and his Chiropractic Adjustments allow him to have better access to the nervous system and fix the body from a neurological standpoint.  Dr. Mark has a passion for treating and educating patients who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and enjoys helping them reach their health and fitness goals. Dr. Mark completed his undergraduate studies from Indiana University. During his time at Indiana university Dr. Mark received a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and competed with the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team.

New Era Chiropractic - Mark Wetzel

What To Expect

When coming to New Era Chiropractic for the first time please call ahead to schedule an appointment. There are new patient intake forms available for you to download from this website. Please take them time to fill out the forms as completely as possible. If you are unable to complete the forms in advance, we ask you to arrive to the clinic 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete the necessary forms.

At the time of your appointment a doctor will review your comprehensive health history to get the best overall picture of you condition. The doctor will then complete a comprehensive exam including the NeuroTarget, Functional Analysis and Neurological evaluation. In some cases, the doctor will need more information and may need to order additional tests. A typical first visit will last between 45 minutes to one hour.

Based on the information from the examination, the doctor will be able to determine if we can help your condition. A specific treatment plan will be designed for you and will include a type of treatment and length or number of treatments you may need. A typical treatment includes chiropractic adjustment coupled with specific neurological exercise, and a therapy if needed. Sometimes additional treatment is needed such as nutritional counseling, dietary counseling, or at home exercise consultation.

Correction Of An Injury

The first step to healing any injury is to remove the force from the injured tissue. Very often when a tissue becomes damaged by force transferring into the area, the force continues to enter the area even after serious damaged has occurred. This is part of why injures can heal very slowly or not heal at all. We aim to find exactly where your neurological signals are dysfunctional and where your muscles are not supporting you as they should. Once we locate the affected areas we will stimulate the brain to have proper muscle control. Once the affected muscle is properly absorbing force, the force will cease to transfer into the injured tissue and the area can then begin to heal.